Dental Health Tips For Young Families

Whether it is teaching your little ones the importance of brushing their teeth after every meal or planning the finances to pay for braces for your tweener, every family has their own set of dental issues. For some families, it is simply the matter of instilling good healthy habits in your kids to make sure they take these habits with them into their adult lives. For other families, it can mean looking for a good dentist who will give every member of their family the care they deserve.

That just may be because having the right dentist is the cornerstone to helping a family create the best dental health habits. Those habits are helped by these easy dental health tips we love sharing with you here.

It Starts with Diet

Of course, it is hard to keep healthy teeth and everything that goes with that if you don’t eat right. A healthy diet that has little in the way of sugary treats and lots of good food that help grow a healthy body can make a difference. When you start by encouraging them to eat a smart breakfast, one that isn’t just sugary cereals or that quick cup of coffee, you start them on their day in the right way.

Continue this theme with packing a lunch that has veggies as well as that sandwich. While you may have a kid with a sweet tooth who loves their cookies and candies, don’t leave out some fruit to both feed that sweet tooth and still encourage healthy snacking. Speaking of snacks, don’t forget to include something for that mid-afternoon snack so they don’t head out to the candy machine instead when they feel the tummy grumbles in the afternoon. End with a good healthy dinner, hopefully one that you can share with the entire family instead of eating on the run.

Sports Safety

While it is hard to imagine a life without some kind of sports in it, remember to balance your child’s involvement in sports with a good amount of caution and safety. If they love team sports, make sure that you invest in the proper safety equipment to protect young bones and teeth. Hockey players are notorious for not having an unbroken tooth in their mouth by the time they turn pro, so make sure those mouth guards are in place when they play.

That said, it is important that everyone in the family has an outlet for active exercise whether it is a team sport after school or simply riding a bike for fun. Kids don’t always fit into our little preconception of what we expect out of them, so be sure to encourage all aspects of after school activities and let even the quiet ones in your family find their own niche. Safe play, such as bike helmets for little riders, comes in all shapes and sizes. While we love all our kids, we want them to be safe while they follow those dreams of hoop glory or just plain fun with their friends on their skateboards.


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